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Welcome to Big Stacks Poker League Entertainment Company. This is a free league to play in. The league is designed for the serious as well as recreational poker player. We look forward to providing the best Texas Hold 'em Poker League action.


Modified WSOP Rules Apply


Each player will begin a nightly tournament with 3,000 chips.  Extra chips can be earned for food or drink purchases at the venues, or by wearing Big Stacks Poker apparel.  See below for the extra chip structure.

Standard No Limit Texas Hold 'Em Rules apply.

ENGLISH ONLY WHILE AT THE TABLE.  It does not matter if you are talking about what you did earlier in the day, or if you are talking about the game, everyone at the table must be able to understand what everyone at the table is saying.

**Gambling, side bets, or discussion of home games will not be allowed at the table.  We will always allow you to tell your bad beat stories from a legal casino. 

**Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated.  Anyone caught gambling or cheating will not be allowed to play in the league

**Verbalize all actions (call, check, fold, raise, re-raise).

**Cell Phones:
     -All CALLS must be taken away from the table
     -There will be ABSOLUTELY NO USE of cell phones while a player has cards.  This includes calls, texting, or internet.  Player will be issued a warning the first time, then cards will be automatically mucked each time after.
     -As a courtesy to other players, please do not play games on your phone.  If a player constantly causes a delay, it will be addressed by league management on an individual basis.  


**If you wish to wear any kind of iPod or music device, please use one earbud/headphone only.

**If a venue permits smoking, smoking must be done 5 feet away from the table.

**Excessive language will not be tolerated, especially the F-bomb or C-bomb.  A player will receive a warning for the first F/C-bomb.  A second F/C-bomb will earn a player a one round rail penalty.  If a player continues such language, he or she may be asked to leave the table and/or the venue.  Also, anyone deemed to be too intoxicated to continue playing to the point they become a distraction to the game may be asked to leave for the night.  Finally, any player who causes any distraction to the game, including excessive trash talking, personal attacks against another player or dealer, or anyone threatening another player, dealer or member of BSPL management will be asked to leave the table and/or venue.  If severe enough of a distraction, management may prohibit the player from further play with BSPL.
**The dealer will have the final say on any decision that is made, whether during a game or at a venue.  Any further disputes will be taken up with management, the dealer and the player(s). 


The Blind structure for each nightly game will be:

Multi-Table games
10 minutes
200/400 10 minutes
300/60010 minutes
400/800 9 minutes + 1 minute chip up break
500/1000 9 minutes + 1 minute chip up break
1000/2000 8 minutes
2000/4000 7 minutes
4000/8000 7 minutes
5000/10000 and higher
6 minutes
*clock will be a running clock

Sit N Go/Single Table games
9 minutes
200/4009 minutes
300/6009 minutes
400/8008 minutes + 1 minute chip up break
500/10008 minutes + 1 minute chip up break
1000/20007 minutes
2000/40006 minutes
4000/80006 minutes
5000/10000 and higher
6 minutes
 *clock will be a running clock

**The list for games will be closed when the blinds reach 400/800.  If there are still players waiting to sit, the blinds will be held at 300/600 until the last player has been seated.  At that point, 3 minutes will be placed on the clock, and the timing structure shall continue.

**Players must be at the venue to sign up on the list.


Regular Nightly Tournament

Everyone who makes a final table at our nightly venues will receive chips towards the quarterly tournaments. 

Single Table Payouts:
6 or 7 players - Top 3
8 or 9 players - Top 4
10 or 11 players - Top 5
12 or 13 players - Top 6

14 or more players - Top 10

Multi Table Payouts:
The top 10 places will be awarded in any multi-table tournament with 25 players or less
The top 15 places will be awarded in any multi-table tournament with 26 or more players

There are two ways to get into the quarterly tournaments. 
*earn 1 win at a nightly venue to automatically qualify for the quarterly
(first win gets you an extra 5,000 chips)
*earn 20,000 chips in a quarter 
TOP 10 or less  (less than 25 players) 
1st place - 2,500 chips 
2nd place - 2,000 chips 
3rd place - 1,500 chips 
10th place 100 chips

TOP 15  (26 players or more) 
1st place - 1,500 chips 
2nd place - 1,400 chips 
3rd place - 1,300 chips 
15th place - 100 chips

In the event of a tie, add the chips of the two places together, divide by two
*ex. - If 2 players tie for 3rd, add the chips together for 3rd and 4th places (800+700=1,500), divide by 2 (750).  Each player would get 750 chips towards the next quarterly tournament. 

Game 3 will no longer be a double chip game.  Instead, we will be doing a bounty game.  Each player will receive a bounty chip.  When a player goes all in, their bounty chip (not ones that they have earned by knocking other players out) will be placed in the pot with their chips.  The player who accumulates the most bounty chips in game 3 will receive 500 extra chips in the quarterly tournament.

Lightning Round Tournament

In the event that there is not enough time at the end of the night for a full tournament, the dealers may run a "Lightning Round" tournament.  This will be a game with 5-7 minutes blinds, depending on the time of the night.  Each player will start with 3,000 chips.


Any time a dealer or Jim sit in on a nightly tournament, he or she will not be eligible to earn chips.  He or she will be considered a bounty.  If you knock the bounty out of a tournament, you will receive chips towards the quarterly tournaments.  Bounties do not count as double on double chips nights, nor are they eligible to be used in conjunction with Double Chips coupons.
If a dealer knocks out another dealer or Jim, they will earn their chips and become a super bounty
Bounty chips are:
Knocking a dealer out of a game - 500 chips
Knocking Jim out of a game - 1,000 chips


As our way of saying thank you for supporting our venues and our company, we will be awarding extra chips for each tournament you play in.  These extra chips apply to food and beverage purchased during poker times (approximately 1 1/2 hours before start time until the end of the poker session). 

You will receive 500 extra chips for the following:
Food purchase
1 drink purchase
2nd drink purchase -

If a venue offers free refills, only 1 chip will be given for the purchase of 1 drink.  If a venue does not offer free refills, you will receive a second chip only if you purchase a refill.
using one of our sponsors
Chip Card
Being a new player
Venue Receipt: 
If you purchase a meal (food AND drink) at one of our venues outside of a poker night, and you bring the receipt to the same venue on a poker night, you will get 500 chips for one game when you turn that receipt in.
We appreciate you visiting our venues on off nights.  However, we will not accept receipts from venue nights when other poker leagues are playing.

Food and drink purchases are done on the honor system.  Any player caught claiming food or drink(s) chips and not actually purchasing those items will be asked to not play in the league.  The reason we reward you for food and drink purchases is our way of saying thank you for supporting the venue.  Without the income from the venues, we wouldn't be able to offer the prizes that we do.

In addition, players who "dine and dash" will be warned the first time, then asked not to play in the league the second time.  Please make sure you pay your tab.


You will receive 500 extra chips for the following:
Big Stacks Apparel (shirt, hat, bracelet or necklace) - maximum 2 items
**All apparel must be worn in order to receive chips.  Shirts that are draped over the body or held in a lap WILL NOT BE AWARDED CHIPS.  While the league prefers that you wear your hat during nightly play, a hat may be worn on a belt loop or a purse string.  There will be NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS.
Bringing a new player
(we appreciate you bringing new players, but a max of 1 new player award per game)
Big Stacks card protector
(card protector must be used during the game)