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2013 Central Florida
Summer Quarterly

Big Stacks Poker would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2013 Central Florida Summer Quarterly! 
A big THANK YOU to the staff at Frank's Place for a fantastic weekend. 
Congratulations to all of the players who qualified and were able to attend.


Front: Deanna Gilmore, Steve Myers, Mike Leniz, Harry Nolen, Jimmy DeLoach, Tom DeWolff, Greg Joseph
Middle: Paul Curylo, Mary Lou Heller, Jim Martin, Stephenie Chew, Enzo Gaivizzo, Judy Kolbinskie
Back: Chris Govatos, Jake Ryan, KO Mitchell, Larry Kolbinskie, Gene Cloud, Jeff Dammes, Russ Reed


Greg Joseph flops trip fours to take the win against Steve Myers

Greg Joseph - 1st
$330 WPT Tournament
$65 Ms. Amy's in Daytona
$40 Mini-Deepstacks

Steve Myers - 2nd
$220 WPT Tournament
Nov., 2013 - Jacksonville
$40 Mini-Deepstacks

KO Mitchell - 3rd
$140 Saturday Night Daytona
$40 BSPL Mini-

Enzo Gaivizzo - 4th
$120 Friday Night Lights
$40 BSPL Mini-

Judy Kolbinskie - 5th
$140 Saturday Night
Knockout - Daytona

Chris Govatos - 6th
$120 Friday Night
Lights, Daytona

Tom DeWolff - 7th
$110 Saturday
Morning - Hard Rock

Mike Leniz - 8th
$110 Saturday
Morning - Hard Rock

Gene Cloud - 9th
$90 Saturday, Silks

Stephenie Chew - 10th
$90 Saturday, Silks

Deanna Gilmore - 11th
$65 Thursday Night, Daytona

Jake Ryan - 12th
$65 Thursday Night, Daytona

Mary Lou Heller - 13th
$65 Thursday Night, Daytona

Paul Curylo - 14th
$65 Thursday Night, Daytona

Jeff Dammes - 15th
$65 Thursday Night, Daytona

Russ Reed - 16th
$40 BSPL Mini-Deepstacks

Jim Martin - 17th
$40 BSPL Mini-Deepstacks

Harry Nolen - 18th
$40 BSPL Mini-Deepstacks

Jimmy DeLoach - 19th
$40 BSPL Mini-Deepstacks

Larry Kolbinskie - 20th
$40 BSPL Mini-Deepstacks

Our top 20 players also:
-qualified for our Tournament of Champions to be held in 2014!

-earned points towards the Player of the Year Rankings

Players 21-30 qualified for the Tournament of Champions Satellite Qualifier Tournament
to be held
in 2014!

Raffles and Food Receipt Raffles
(chips have been added to your "extras" column on the leaderboards)

500 chips in the
Fall Quarterly

Harry Nolen
Jim Cisler
Judy Kolbinskie
Laurie Read
Mary Lou Heller

1,000 chips in the
Fall Quarterly

Chris Govatos
Don Lyon
Gail Newton
Phil Doucette
Randolph Waite

1,500 chips in the
Fall Quarterly

Bob Chew
Edna Williams
Len Lawhorne
Patricia Butkovich
Red Cornell

2,000 chips in the
Fall Quarterly

Christina Peck
Fred Wilsen
LeAnne DeTommaso
Paul Curylo
Terry Woodruff

2,500 chips in the
Fall Quarterly

Copper Shaw
Forrest Harvey
Joyce Thomas
Mateo Jimenez
Mike Hill

3,000 chips in the
Fall Quarterly

Carlo DeTommaso
Gene Cloud
Ken Ward
Linda Vitale
Tracy DeCresie