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2013 Volusia/Flagler
Summer Quarterly

Big Stacks Poker would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2013 Volusia/Flagler Summer Quarterly! 
A big THANK YOU to the staff at Just 1 More for a fantastic day. 
Congratulations to all of the players who qualified and were able to attend.


Front: Walter Maynard, Tony Petras, Amy Alvarez, Donnalee Ally, (Dominic Angelo)
Back: Shannon White, Eric Kirk, Kathy Martin-Smith, Chris Cowher, Alex Maciulewicz

Donnalee Ally - 1st place
$330 WPT Tournament
$65 Ms. Amy's in Daytona

Amy Alvarez - 2nd place
$220 WPT Tournament
$40 Mini-Deepstacks

Tony Petras - 3rd place
$120 Friday Night Lights
$40 Mini-Deepstacks

Kathy Martin-Smith - 4th
$140 Saturday
Night Knockout

Eric Kirk - 5th
$120 Friday
Night Lights

Walter Maynard - 6th
$65 Ms. Amy's
Tournament - Daytona

Dominic Angelo - 7th
$65 Ms. Amy's
Tournament - Daytona

Chris Cowher - 8th
$65 Ms. Amy's
Tournament - Daytona

Shannon White - 9th
$40 Mini-Deepstacks
Tournament in Daytona

Alex Maciulewicz - 10th
$40 Mini-Deepstacks
Tournament in Daytona


Our top 10 players also:
-qualified for our Tournament of Champions to be held in 2014!

-earned points towards the Player of the Year Rankings

Players 11-20 qualified for the Tournament of Champions Satellite Qualifier Tournament
to be held
in 2014!