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Central Florida Quarterly tournaments will be held every three months. 
To qualify, a player must win 1 nightly tournament in a three-month period,
or earn at least 20,000 chips in a three-month period during nightly play.

The tournament structure will be as follows:
The Central Florida Quarterly will be:

-a two-day, multi-session event.  Session 1 will be divided into 2 sessions (1A and 1B), with session 2 being the finals.  You will need to pre-register for your selected first session through email at, or through your nightly dealer.  Registration is subject to availability, in order to keep each session balanced.  Any player with chips at the end of each session will advance to Session 2.


-a one day event.

*This format will depend on the location of the tournament

Chips will be earned based on
how you place in the tournaments at the nightly venues.  The more you play, the more chips you can earn for the quarterly tournaments.

Click here for the nightly chip structure

Prize Structure

The Prize Structure for the Central Florida Quarterly Tournaments may fluctuate from one tournament to another, depending on WSOP, WPT, Heartland Poker Tour, or other casino/poker room schedules.  Prizes will be awarded to final table (10 places).

The prize pool is based on the amount of revenue from venues during a three-month period.  When players are out and support the venues by eating and drinking, venues are happy and have no problem contributing a location for which to have poker, as well as the revenue which goes to the prize pool.  Unfortunately, when sales are down, the amount of revenue is less, as bars and restaurants are in business to make money as well, and must make some profit in order for us to continue to have nightly locations.