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We all know that things constantly change, and we don't always have all of the answers when situations arise.  With that said, this page will hopefully help to resolve those issues.  We'll post information as the situations come up.




Situation:  Player 1 is all in.  Player 2 goes all in over the top.  All other players fold.  Player 2 mucks his cards so that Player 1 does not get knocked out.

Ruling:  Both players cards are turned up and are LIVE.

Reasoning:  Collusion.  Player 2 went all in to protect Player 1, then mucked his cards intentionally so that his "buddy" wouldn't get knocked out by someone else.
Final: Collusion is a practice that works to the advantage of 2 (or more) players.  This is more prevelant in cash game situations, as it wouldn't make sense to keep a player in a tournament.  However, collusion could be applied in tournament-style poker as well.  To prevent this, any cards belonging to any player who calls an all in will be considered live, whether the cards are turned up or thrown in.  Player 2, who intentionally mucks his cards, will be given a warning, with a second violation receiving a 5 minute rail penalty.  A third violation will result in the players' chips being forfeited to the dealer.  In the instance that a player purposely mucks his cards directly into the muck pile so that they can not be retrieved will instantly receive a one round penalty.


Many of you use your phones to check emails.  We will now allow
you to show your double points coupon on your phone to your dealer. 
This will also help to cut down on paperwork and save you ink. 
Please use YOUR phone for YOUR email. 
If there are any questions about this, please email Jim.


MUCKED HANDS (finally, a ruling!) - JULY 3RD
Long debate about this, but here is the ruling:

Situation:  Player 1 is all in.  Players 2 and 3 in a side pot.  Player 2 bets, player 3 folds.  Player 2 takes the side pot, forgetting that player 1 is still in the hand.  Player 2 throws his cards in. 

Ruling:  Player 2 will get a warning about table awareness, and cards turned over.  If the same situation happens again, the cards are considered mucked.

Reasoning:  We decided that it would be inconsistent to allow the new player an exception (because they're "learning the game") while being strict to a player who has been playing for a long time.  To be fair, this covers everyone equally.

Final: We know that there will not be 100% agreement on this issue.  Some of you are more seasoned players than others, and feel that rules are rules.  This is a poker league, not a Vegas casino.  We're here to have fun and learn at the same time.  Please do not consider any rulings that have been previously made.  This is how we handle this situation going forward.



Situation:  The cards belonging to the player in seat 1 are accidentally mucked.

Ruling:  The dealer will make every effort to retrieve those cards.  If the player can tell the dealer the EXACT cards (number AND suit), the cards will be returned.  The player will also be advised to use a card protector.  This must be done before there is any new action on the table (before a flop is put out, or if the flop is out, before a turn, etc...).  Any new card action nullifies a players option to retrieve those cards.

Reasoning:  If we (the dealers) make the mistake, we will do our best to return your cards.  However, it will not be necessary to scream and yell and get upset.  We are human, and do make mistakes, and will do everything we can to correct the mistake.  If you're in a casino and this happens, they say "Sorry" and they move on with your cards in the muck pile.

Final: Please do not consider any rulings that have been previously made.  This is how we handle this situation going forward.



Situation:  Player is knocked out of tournament 2.  Player would like to be signed up for tournament 3.  Dealer yells across to the other dealer to write them down.  There are 40-plus players at the very loud venue.  The dealer does not hear and the player is left off.

Ruling:  We are now going to ask players to confirm with the dealer who has the list for the next tournament that you are on the list.  Once again, it is the PLAYER'S responsibility to confirm with the dealer that the player is on the list.

Reasoning:  At very crowded venues, we (dealers) sometimes miss names on the list.  We are now going to ask you to see the other dealer so that we know you will get on the list.  Also, if you speak to the other dealer, then YOU also know that you are on the list.  This will also help to eliminate some of the list confusion and the screaming that goes on across the venues.